Creative Content

Increasingly, it is becoming necessary to compete digitally by exhibiting a vision and exuding a unique feeling about a golf course. Courses can exhibit a “bigger than life” persona on social media with high-quality, visual content. SCRATCH HOUSE produces golf content and creative development services to golf clubs, including:

  • Photos and videos, including drone footage, for social media, online and print.
  • Hole-by-hole flyovers.
  • Giving clubs the ability to sell course prints in pro shop or display around clubhouse.
  • Event filming / photography (tournaments, member-guests, social events, etc).


SCRATCH HOUSE creates and establishes distinctive creative assets that build brand equity. We work to meticulously formulate a core identity that genuinely represents the club’s brand and can be spread throughout the club’s consumer-facing assets. Our branding services include the following:

  • LOGO DEVELOPMENT – Many clubs fail to take advantage of their club’s individuality and distinctiveness, and as a result, fail to stand out. SCRATCH HOUSE can refresh dated logos to a logo intrinsically linked to a club’s history. We can also develop a modern, distinctive, unique and iconic alternate/secondary logo that will lend itself to new lines of merch and additional sources of revenue.
  • WEBSITE BUILDING – SCRATCH HOUSE can re-build or refresh club websites, giving clubs a unique digital presence with spectacular visuals and functionality that is customized to a club’s current infrastructure, including e-commerce and integrating online tee times.
  • NEW PRODUCT SALES – SCRATCH HOUSE designs golf merch, including hats, polos and tees; scorecards; ball markers and divot repairs; headcovers and more. We also utilize our on-course photography to create framed course prints for clubs to sale as well as enhance marketing materials with attention-grabbing visuals for online and print collateral.

Social Media

A strong social media presence can drive play and revenue. SCRATCH HOUSE provides social media services including:

SOCIAL CONTENT – SCRATCH HOUSE produces dynamic golf content and creative assets to create a nostalgia around golf brands. We create aerial and on-the-course content that will scale audiences, awareness and increase rounds.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT – In addition to producing social content, we offer services to run or assist clubs in running their social media accounts. We create social strategies, post engaging content at the right times, and curate compelling brand narratives though visuals and short form videos that resonate with golf enthusiasts, satisfying golfers’ expectations of having an engaging and interactive social media presence.


Online Engagement

SCRATCH HOUSE seeks out relevant partners for online collaborations, including other golf brands, online golf content creators, golf influencers and others. We align strategic partnerships and collaborations, exposing courses to new audiences.

PARTNERSHIPS – We can help expose your course to new golfers and grow your patronage through partnerships and giveaways with brands, such as Donald Ross Sportswear. We can also work to feature your course on popular golf social accounts.

PAID MEDIA – Our team is experienced in crafting and executing paid media strategies, including social and search advertising in order to grow awareness and patronage.

INFULENCER MARKETING – We have relationships with golf influencers and popular social accounts in the world of golf that can help expose your brand to new audiences.

E-COMMERCE – SCRATCH HOUSE offers e-commerce services to help you monetize brand growth, including:

  • Design merch and set up your online store
  • Produce prints of your course for you to sell online
  • Online tee times

Other Services

EVENTS / ACTIVATIONS – SCRATCH HOUSE offers experiential marketing services, helping clients put on special events that draw attention to and grow awareness around your golf brand, as well as building positive experiences and camaraderie among members and guests.

GOLF DESTINATION AND RESORT MARKETING – We can help resorts, towns, Chambers of Commerce and Golf Associations highlight golf as an attraction by creating online and print marketing materials as well as social media efforts that engage and help bring non-residents and tourists to the area.

COMMUNICATIONS – Our experience includes traditional communications efforts including PR/Press Releases that help attract attention to branding refreshes, hosted events, tournaments, and other newsworthy announcements.